Saint Paul's Episcopal Church


Thomas and A Street - Altus, Oklahoma

Priest's Reflections

Dear Parish Family,

Ash Wednesday is upon us once again. A day when we are called upon to remember all the hearts we have broken, intentionally or not. To recall those moments we have all yearned to fix things and make them right and yet, have found that we could not. On this day we are reminded of our own human frailty and our limits, our sins, and our failed attempts to make things right. We are reminded with ashes on our foreheads that there are simply some things we cannot fix. That more often than not, matters of life and death are, in the end, simply out of our hands. So on Ash Wednesday. as we would do well to do every day, we throw ourselves on the mercy of God. God who is the source of our life and our comfort in death. God who assures us that through his Son, all that we have broken, all that we have cut in half, WILL be put back together again through God's love and mercy. For we are reminded not only of our frailty when those ashes are traced on our foreheads. No, indeed, it is not just a shapeless smudge that is traced there, but the sign of the cross. The same cross on which Jesus died for you and for me. The same cross which was traced on our forehead on the day we were baptized. And it is then that we begin our journey into the season of Lent and make our resolutions and commit to change our lives over the next 40 days so that we might become more Christ like.

Each Wednesday evening during Lent, beginning on March 4th, we will have a Lenten Study Group using Adam Hamilton's book entitled "THE WALK, Five Essential Practices of the Christian Life." The evening will begin with fellowship in the parish hall and a meal of soup and bread at 5:00pm. There will be a sign-up sheet for the soups. When preparing your soup please prepare enough for about 10 people. We will need 3 soups per week and indicate what kind of soup you will bring when you sign up so that we may have a variety. ALL are welcome for soup and bread. So come and share a meal even if you do not participate in the study group! The study will begin at 6:15 and last until about 7:30.

On MARCH 15, there will be a SPECIAL EVENT, immediately after the worship service. Our own Laura Shanks, photographer extraordinaire' will be taking individual pictures of ALL members of the St. Paul's family. So, MARK your CALENDARS and plan to be present!!

May you have a blessed and Holy Lent.

Mother Suzanne








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